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Growing up on a farm in the Midwest, Mike Johnson learned the value of hard work at an early age. His upbringing was true blue-collar America, from driving tractors, baling hay, and feeding chickens and cows to hunting with his dad and their hunting dogs King and Happy. In addition to a strong work ethic, farm life instilled in Mike a deep sense of responsibility and self-sufficiency, reverence for the environment, a problem-solving mindset, and care for others. Mike applied these valuable lessons to everything he did in life, from giving his all in high school, sports, and bible college to joining the United States Army during the Vietnam War, raising a family, pursuing higher education and certifications, and working a highly successful and fulfilling career that spanned nearly four decades.


Mike graduated from the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA. From there he served in the Army Security Agency with Top Secret Clearance.


After being Honorably discharged from the Army, Mike continued serving his country, joining the U.S. Army Reserves and serving in a Military Intelligence Voice Intercept SCIF.


He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and earned a Master’s Degree with honors from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri.

After working for two major international corporations Mike was asked to work in the Defense Department. His career in the Department of Defense spanned 33 years and included various positions within the DoD’s Fourth Estate Agencies which made him eligible to serve in Senior Executive Service positions.


 Notably, Mike was drafted to work on President Reagan’s efforts to cut Government waste under David Stockman. Thanks to the different positions and agencies Mike worked for, he was tasked with leading teams of professionals who assessed, awarded, oversaw, successfully delivered and sometimes shut down various programs and businesses all over the US and the world.


Mike attended the Defense Acquisition University and became an Advanced Program Manager and a member of the esteemed Acquisition Corps as a Senior DOD Leader. He was responsible for overseeing multi-billion-dollar programs and testified in hearings that resulted in wasteful programs being shut down. Mike also was instrumental in rewriting regulations to cut out waste in the Federal Government. He earned certifications from the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiations, where students from governments around the world and the US attended to work on Treaties, and other National and International programs.


Mike earned meritorious achievement awards, agency employee of the year, and numerous other awards for service and performance before honorably retiring. After retiring, Mike ran for Florida Senate in 2022 as an America First candidate - fiscal conservative Republican. He also earned his realtors license and is presently a member of the New Smyrna Beach Realtor’s Association and National Association of Realtors. Mike belongs to the Association of Vietnam Vets of America and is a donor and volunteer for Big Dog Ranch Rescue. He is also a strong activist in making government work for the people, and a grassroots organizer helping to get more people involved in getting the right laws and individuals into office. Mike has been to Washington D.C and Tallahassee many times to get bills introduced, revised, and pushed through to become law over the past thirty years.


Mike is a widower, father, and grandfather. He has two children and his son is currently serving overseas for the Special Operations Command, after graduating from the University of Central Florida like his mom did. Mike is also a loving grandfather to two grandsons who grew up right here in beautiful District 07.


Family, service, God, and country. Mike’s mission is to preserve our constitutional rights, fight for our freedoms, and push back against wasteful and radical agendas that threaten our safety, livelihood, and way of life.

The RIGHT Choice for U.S. Congress FL-7



  • Linguist

  • Voice Intercept/Crypto

  • Top Secret Clearance, SCI Crypto

  • Special Access National Security Council

  • Army Security Agency

  • Army Signal Corps


US ARMY RESERVES 1976 - 1983

  • Military Intelligence

  • Linguist, Voice Intercept



  • Vietnam War Service Medal

  • Defense Department Cold War Service Medal

  • Desert Storm Service Medal

  • Meritorious Service Desert Storm

  • DoD Meritorious service

  • National Defense Medal

  • Good Conduct Medal

  • 2008 Employee of the Year - Defense Combat Contingency Agency

  • Numerous awards, certificates, commendations, badges, Achievement Letters, Letters of Recognition, etc. throughout career


  • Defense Language Institute

  • Air Education & Training Command (AETC)

  • Air Force Institute of Technology

  • Defense Acquisition University

  • University of Southern Illinois - B.S. degree in Business Administration

  • Webster University - Master's in Business Administration

  • Harvard Law School - Program on Negotiation

  • Advanced Program Management Course - DAU

  • Program Management DAWF Certification - DoD

  • Acquisition Corps Member – DoD

  • Industrial Production DAWF Certification – DoD

  • Contracting DAWF Certification – DoD

  • Comptroller/Finance DAWF Certification - DoD

  • Operations Research DAWF Certification - DoD

  • Numerous Other Training Certificates


  • Deutsch Electronics  -  Product Support at McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing)

  • Emerson Electric - Logistics Accounts Manager

  • Department of Defense 

  • Office of the Undersecretary for Acquisition

  • Various Fourth Estate Agencies within the Department of Defense.

  • GS14/Act15

  • Jobs held within the DoD 4th Estate included:

  • Industrial Specialist, Armed Services Production Planning Officer, Manager of Risk Assessments & Fact-Finding Investigations of Defense contractors, NASA, & other Federal Agencies, Operations Research Analyst, Program Manager, Program Integrator, Comptroller Financial Analyst, etc.

  • Retired after 36 years working in Agencies & Armed Services

  • Ran for Florida Senate

  • Currently a Part-Time Realtor


  • Big Dog Ranch Rescue Donor & Active Volunteer

  • Association of Vietnam Veterans Of America

  • New Smyrna Beach Realtors Association

  • Republican Party Precinct Committeeman.

  • Contributed Thousands of Dollars In Donations To Federal, State & Local Republican Candidates

  • Campaign Political Organizer

  • Canvasser  

  • Community Organizer

  • Election Security

  • Media & Freedom of The Press

  • Stopping Infringement of Bills On The 2nd Amendment

  • Pro-Life

  • God, Church, Family, Friends, and Country

  • Appeared Before Federal & State Committees And Hearings.

  • Member Of Several Blue Ribbon Fact Finding Missions For Federal “Activities”

  • Standing Up for Parental Freedom & Rights at Seminole County School Board Meetings and in Tallahassee 

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