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A Letter from Mike Johnson


Hi, My name is Mike Johnson. Someday I hope to be the speaker of the House. Kidding aside.

I am running for Congress because I was inspired by you all, you, our neighbors and our businesses, schools, and churches in our community. We are all leery of politicians who come before us and when they get into office, they turn their backs to us. Especially with our own Republicans. We see it time and again.

 JUST Look what happened to our bills this year in the Florida legislature. Many of you worked so hard to push through our bills only to see them rejected by our own elected representatives calling themselves Republicans.

Well guess what?  The same THING happened again in the United States Congress on Capitol HILL. 

A recently elected unknown out of state individual came down here and made speeches telling you what he knew you wanted to hear then turned around and co-sponsored over 10 bills that were drafted and pushed by radical Democrats.

SOCIALIST LEGISLATION passed BECAUSE OF HIS VOTES.  He also voted over 100 times supporting the Democrat-Republican UNITY PARTY on a multitude of bills that created new offices, new reports which means more federal employees and HE APPROVED spending for all of it.  That is not what a REAL Conservative Republican does. 


 I AM ASKING FOR YOUR VOTE TO SAVE OUR Republic from destruction.

We are 35 trillion dollars in debt. We are borrowing money IN THE billions of dollars each year to SEND TO fund countries that house and feed jihadists ideologies. I would have voted to STOP IT, but my opponent refused to.

Bills that our fellow Republicans introduced in Congress were voted against by my opponent.

Instead, he voted for Bills that were passed that keep the foreign recipients of aid going to those countries who are invading us with illegal trespassers.

I will not let that happen.

MY VOTE WILL BE YOUR VOTE.  It must STOP.  Over the past year we witnessed a lot of hot air from Congress and nothing was being done until Mike Johnson took over as speaker.

Our local representative votes against our conservative speaker and our legislation that is chipping away at the programs that we do not need BUT my opponent continues to vote against the cuts.

 I will vote for bills that reduce our taxes and debt and cut funding that does not deliver anything back to us.  

I will push for renewing pro-life legislation that other members wrote and sponsored. I will seek new ways to force reprogramming of money to solve the massive assaults against our nation by invaders who are coming here to take away our safety, security, and our way of life.

I will use my professional experience and skillsets that I learned and used to fight fraud, waste and abuse in government.

I went to Congressional and Senate offices many times over my career, providing reports and testimony  with others in my agencies to reprogram money and to take it away from wasteful projects and move it to more needed ones.  I spent time with the OMB Comptrollers to identify things we needed and things we did not.  I watched billions of dollars being moved around. I know the process within the branches. I lived it, I fought for good programs and against bad programs for years. 

My opponent has no clue how the game is played.  My opponent is focused on getting Afghanis here to America. He is focused on setting up offices and spending millions informing the world about Muslims in China. He even sent his staff along with Democrats to meet with the Chinese Communist Party in October 2023 when Israel was invaded by Islamists.  His staff traveled with Democrats all over Communists China to talk about trade and other CCP things. 

How many here support our military and their families?  I believe we all do.  Except for people who have other misguided motives. If the Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans bills introduced by our Republican Speaker Mike Johnson had not passed, it would mean that our wounded warriors, vets, soldiers, sailors, marines, pilots and their family wouldn’t get paid, is that a good thing?  There would be no raises for them because of inflation, no housing, no travel, no uniforms, no weapons….  My opponent voted against them then had the nerve to say other things were more important.  

WE ALL KNOW that no bill covering the NDAA is perfect.  I have been a part of the process for many, many years. Many of our troops and their families are on food stamps now. That needs to end for these great patriots. These are some of the bills and amendments that I will bring forward for votes. We have to take care of our own.

I will not be arguing with Generals and Government staff on TV telling them lies about my life.  And I won’t be yelling about things that never make it on a bill. We need to focus on the budget. Budgets have more impact than policy. Lack of a Budget for a bad program kills the waste.

We must direct our priorities to protecting our borders, our children, our elderly, and the abused.

I support energy independence. We must get off middle east and Venezuelan oil.  We must enact business legislation that allows full production of energy assets in America and its territories and even in nearby friendly countries.  That includes drilling, building, pipelines, power lines, and innovations in mini energy usage. We have plenty of resources to last another hundred plus years.

I am a full-time resident of this county and our district.  My family grew up here.  I spent a lot of time out of state but this is my home. Most of you go to church here, go to school here, go shopping, banking, and run businesses here. We know our community.  My opponent doesn’t.  He lives in the D.C. area and has been since 2010. Unlike my opponent, I have never filed papers, deeds, loan applications, and business filings in other states over the past 3 years saying that I was a resident of another state, but my opponent has.  I have been a full time Florida Resident for over 39 years and voted here.  I do not have to spend $14,000 a month on an Airbnb vacation rental claiming and pretending to live here.

Doesn’t that make you wonder what it’s all about?

I graduated from Waterloo High School. I went to Bible College. I joined the Army during the Vietnam War, and got married in a small Christian church while I was in the Army. I earned a Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Business Administration while working full-time. I was hired to work for Fourth Estate Agencies within the Department of Defense. I had the privilege and honor to work on projects with David Stockton who introduced the Vulnerability Assessment Concept to tackle wasteful spending. I worked my way up in the DoD to a GS 14 acting 15 within different Agencies over 33 years.  I investigated hundreds of programs, contractors, and individuals in the Federal Government including NASA just miles away from here. Budgets and Expenditures were in the billions. We had to close a few programs and pulled back some like the Space programs and Army programs that were wasting money. New and better programs and contractors surfaced to take their place. The Combat Contingency Agency that was set up after the first Gulf war that I worked for identified and recovered and still are, billions of dollars of fraud, waste, and abuse by contractors in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places.  Guess who worked for a couple of them?

The worst ones in our government’s history: Dyn Corp and Pax Mondial LTD. My opponent and his friends worked for them.

I am against rebuilding other countries where people just bomb it or tear it down a few months after its completed. My opponent claims he fought tyranny, NO…  he worked on reconstruction contracts rebuilding Islamic Institutions. We spent trillions rebuilding infrastructure, handing out billions in cash. IT WAS NOT all military spending.  We were trying to police factions of an ideology that have been at war for over a thousand years and we tried to take sides. We were not fighting for our borders.

Thankfully many of those contractors no longer exist because of fines and terminations.

My agency and I have had to make tough calls regarding money being spent.  My former cohorts are still investigating money whereabouts.

I believe that a lot of our military facilities in the small rich middle east countries need to come home.  We should help the Iranian people against the Islamic Clerics and save the people of Armenia from genocide.

 Our Congress was set up to represent the people. I want to be there to represent you, your families, and our priorities.

 Congress was not intended to be a social club to pay for everybody’s wants, and handout goodies. 

I will do the right things for you, things that will protect our nation, its history, our children, and our babies. 

Thank you!


Please vote for our cause. We are all in this together!


Mike Johnson for House Congressional Seat 07 Florida.

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