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Why Mike Johnson is Running for U.S. Congress in the 7th District

Updated: May 2

Seminole and Volusia counties need someone who genuinely cares about our local community and who has the experience and integrity to fight for our freedom and values.

  • Mike’s family and grandchildren grew up in our community

  • Mike is a full time resident who knows our community

  • Mike owns a permanent home in our district

  • Mike knows how to fight in congress to provide ways to reduce the national debt

  • Mike Knows how to reduce federal budget waste by reducing overhead expenses and identify redundant programs

  • Mike has experience in identifying and eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse by contractors and by the federal government

  • Mike will be a congressman that votes our way - republican values

  • Mike will not co-sponsor bills with radical democrats after getting elected

  • Mike will not vote for radical democrat bills that create more reports, more offices, and spends more money

  • Mike will not spend 2 million a year on his congressional office

  • Mike will return the money to tax payers

  • Mike will not grandstand on media day after day telling untrue stories

  • Mike knows the needs of our district and will focus on them

  • Mike will not constantly brag about military service

  • Mike wants to use his expertise on using federal dollars for the right priorities

  • Mike will not lie about where he lives, how he has earned his money, and his military service

  • Mike has the integrity and the moral values to best represent district 7

  • Mike will represent our district in a professional way

Learn more about Mike Johnson and his priorities for Seminole and Volusia counties and our great nation.

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